wonders of the invisible world christopher barzak

gay love saves the day!!!!!!!! christopher barzak is a wizard of natural imagery. he is so impeccably good at illustrating exactly how rural ohio feels, how rural life in general feels. not what it LOOKS like, but how it FEELS. this book is so deeply, hauntingly wonderful

more happy than not adam silvera

the entire first half has such an unnatural, odd feeling that i eventually realized was on purpose. this book has my favorite line he's ever written. read this if you want to fucking cry. warnings for: suicide mention, self harm

history is all you left me adam silvera

adam silvera back at it again making me cry. the characters feel so real, as does every little description of new york

they both die at the end adam silvera

this book owns my ass and my heart. im emotional just THINKING about it. this book is so inspiring and heart-wrenching and like all of his works, the theme of death but also living is extra clear. im so glad this exists.

because you'll never meet meleah thomas

i think this is such an interesting way to write/format a book i really like epistolary novels.. and leah thomas is a master at characterization. the characters voices are so real and immedately recognizable that you cant help but become attached to them

nowhere near youleah thomas

sequel of bynmm. i think because of my attatchment in the previous book i was even more drawn to the characters in this one since i just wanted to know how they would end up. i just want them to be happy.. please leah i want them to be happy (& in luv) ;_; wheres the 3rd book

fingersmithsarah waters

this book has just about as many twists as it does pages and boy is it WILD. anyway if youve heard of the movie the handmaiden this is the book it was based on. its goode. warnings: nsfw

what if it's usbecky albertalli & adam silvera

what a book!!!!!! i love how very real the characters and their relationships feel and how theyre so flawed but they communicate!! and i loved all the references to becky and adam's previous books dslkfj

silhouette of a sparrowmary beth griffin

i think this could only be improved by making it longer. i thought the ending was cut too short. i still really liked this book & i love the bird metaphor. so cool

simon vs the homo sapiens agendabecky albertalli

VERY cute & sweet story. there are some issues that arise from it being a story about gay men written by a straight woman, but i think, for the most part, its done very well. i think it would have been very important to me if it came out when i was a teenager.

two boys kissingdavid levithan

based on a true story!! a story of the generation of gay men who died to the aids epidemic watching the unfolding stories of the current generation of young gay men. obv this book was written for gay men, which i am not, but a lot of the sentiment still hits very close to home for me as a lesbian. warning for suicide attempt

of fire and starsaudrey coulthurst

boy HOWDY this is an incredible book. its everything ive ever dreamed of and wanted in a book.. audrey coulthurst you absolute ledge i cant believe it. warning: graphic depictions of death

inkmistressaudrey coulthurst

sort of prequel to of fire and stars. m/f endgame, but main character is bi. not necessarily vital to understand the rest of the plot, but good for lore. warning: blood, graphic depictions of death, childbirth

of ice and shadowsaudrey coulthurst

sequel to of fire and stars!! i loved seeing the very good character development & how much more confident in their abilities the girls got. somehow everything felt different from the first book. granted it'd been a while, but i felt like i didnt know the characters anymore. this one is a lot more about war than falling in love than the first book maybe thats why lmao. warning: blood, gore, depictions of death

the errant princesasha l. miller

i loved this!! a little short and a little fanfic-y? but i liked the characters very much! they had so much chemistry. warning: myron practises some poor binder safety. i understand why the author did it this way but pls know you shouldnt do strenuous exercise while wearing a binder

heartstopperalice oseman

golly i love this comic with all my heart.. alice does such a lovely job portraying emotions & i love how real the characters feel. this is such a special webcomic to me

this is not fictionnicole mannino

i've been following this comic for Years and its only gotten more and more charming. i truly love the characters so much as well as the funky art style. im so soft & would do anything for landon & julian please know this

tripping over yoususana harcum & owen white

this comic is so laid back & means so much to me.. i feel like since i started reading it years ago i've grown up along with the characters. the characters feel very real & complex


uhhhhhh the art is soooooo beautiful!!!! every panel belongs in a museum.... very interesting historical fiction comic set in scientific revolution france w a low fantasy twist??

long exposuremars

two high schoolers get super powers and then fall in love: the comic.. the art is so interesting & fluid. warning: referenced csa & abuse, (censored) slurs

sharp zerorobotsharks

the lgbt+ superhero comic you've been waiting for all your life. lots of rep!!! this comic is so funny i'm still laughing at certain lines months later. i love elliot

reach the moonkikowei

short & sweet comic about magic. its so pretty & calm & tender. feels like falling in luv

foolsyoungha & bakdam

this manhwa is sooooo sweet.. i love the art & the main two so much. i hate how the english translation gave the characters "american" names but it's ok because it's still wonderful to read. you have to have an account and pay to unlock the episodes, but it's worth it!!

castle swimmerwendy lian martin

really beautiful underwater fantasy world, feels very inspired by ghibli. i love worldbuilding that makes it so being lgbt is so normal no one even thinks twice about it. anyway this comic makes me so happy thank u

the gentleman's guide to vice and virtueMackenzi Lee

a very fun historical fiction book!!!!! every time monty did or said anything i couldnt do anything but stare at the page in untter dumbfoundedness. hes so unbelievably clueless i love him. warnings: blood, watered-down but still period-typical homophobia, racism, & ableism

the weight after waterloika

an absolutely beautiful novella that i still think about constantly UGH!!!!!!! the Symbolism.. its free & only 9 chapters so its a very quick read, and make sure to check out the artists illustrations too!! some typos, but that's to be expected.

on a sunbeamtillie walden

a colorful & atmospheric sci-fi wlw comic. absolutely beautiful artwork. every page feels somber but still lighthearted in a way, like recalling a bittersweet memory. i dont usually like sci-fi but apparently neither is tillie and i think she nailed it lmao

six of crowsLeigh Bardugo

gritty & very interesting fantasy crime book!!! the characters all have very unique voices & while i liked the 2nd book more, obviously this one is required to get the payoff in book 2 lmao. the world building was super interesting. also i tagged wlw but theres no wlw romance in either books, however a main character is confirmed wlw in book 2. mlm romance also is only hinted at until book 2. warnings: blood, mild racism, mentions of human trafficking, human experimentation, death.

crooked kingdomLeigh Bardugo

sequel to six of crows. the payoff!!!!!! let it be known that while i do LIKE the straight characters & their development... they are NOT why i read this book lmao. but i do appreciate a book w lgbt characters where coming out isnt the focus. everyones character development is soooo good.. i cried warnings: blood, death, mild racism

in other landssarah rees brennan

havent been able to stop thinking abt this book or its characters ESPECIALLY.... SIGH!!!!! elliot.. portal fantasy abt a grumpy boy who goes to a magic camp & finds belonging. criticisms on child soldier tropes & heteronormative gender roles. endgame romance that makes me lose it. warning: includes (fade-to-black) underage sex & a brief adult/minor relationship (which is depicted as unhealthy).

timekeepertara sim

i am so weak for gay books w non-humans..this book is chaotic. i really felt their attraction!!! i love them!! the lore is very interesting. warnings: blood, death. main character has ptsd

chainbreakertara sim

2nd book in timekeeper trilogy. makes timekeeper look like a fucking cake walk. this book is ALL ACTION. the twists? the reveals? tara sim turn on location i just want to talk. warning: blood, graphic depiction of death

firestartertara sim

book 3 of timekeeper trilogy!!! even more chaotic & action packed than the last book. made me fucking CRY A LOT. however i still think i like chainbreaker more even tho main couple interact more in this one. warning: blood, graphic depictions of torture and death, brief nsfw bits

radio silencealice oseman

as a long-time fan of heartstopper, i looooove this book & getting to see hints of characters i love in the background, but also getting to know aled much better.. this takes place nearly 3 years after heartstopper & i just really love how Real the dialog and characters feel. also ace rep!! i cried!!!!!! warnings: child abuse, mentions of suicidal ideation

i wish you all the bestmason deaver

this book is really important to me for a LOT of reasons. while the style is relatively simple, its the content & the characters that really mean a lot. wonderful own-voices book abt a nb teen that shows us as human and deserving of love & compassion. thank u. warnings: transphobia, misgendering, child abuse/neglect

the watchmaker of filigree streetnatasha pulley

i like ALMOST dropped this bc the beginning is kind of boring but now i feel like.. thats almost the point? or maybe not. idk. its all about the character development babey. anyway this book is chockablock full of Romance i like can not stop thinking abt it months later. why is it so romantic im going crazy. warning: period-typical racism & sexism, slurs

the lost future of pepperharrownatasha pulley

the sequel to twofs!!!!!! this book had me psychologically tortured shit is CRAZY....... turns out love is real and it looks like a biracial gay couple with an adopted daughter living in the late 1800s. warnings: period-typical racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia & slurs

black wings beatingalex london

it was fine! the characters did not quite reach me, and the pacing was very slow. it felt like nothing much happened until the last 20% or so of the book. still, i thought a world built around humans relationship to birds was interesting & im hopeful for the 2nd book. warning: blood, graphic depictions of death, child abuse

the music of what happensbill konigsberg

this is just a really sweet romcom-y book. i generally dont care THAT much about contemporary but it was just very down to earth. cheesy writing & some awful Teen Talk that was kind of hilarious. i read like 5 angsty books before this so it felt healing. warning: rape, suicidal ideation, casual racism, sexism, & homophobia

the infinite noiselauren shippen

i LOVE the bright sessions & was super excited to read this book based off of it!!!!! went into it thinking it would follow the plot pretty closely from another pov but its basically just about the beginning of adam & caleb's relationship, and any AM stuff is background. maybe spoiler but it ends in the middle of episode 3-06. felt like a sort of canon fanfic, so i had fun. warning: discussion of self harm, slur

red, white & royal blueCasey McQuiston

ridiculous, hopeful romcom set in an alternate universe where after obama we got our first female president, and her son falls in love with a prince of england. this book is so funny and heartfelt. warnings: nsfw, Drunk Stuff

felix ever afterKacen Callender

honestly i think im getting a bit old to be reading ya now, but this is a very good book anyway! the trans issues are discussed very well i love felix..... (and the nonbinary side character bex who is a fellow pink haired nb ilu) warnings: transphobia

finding homehari conner

absolutely beautiful & atmospheric longform fantasy comic about like.... love and belonging and trauma. at any given time i am thinking about chepi. warnings: abuse, blood

in deeper watersf.t. lukens

very cute, simple, and sweet fairy tale about a prince who falls in love w a merm :flushed: in the words of my friend "its like reading candy" lmaooo

the kingdomsnatasha pulley

another pulley book.... she has such a way of capturing the small intimacies of the world. are you interested in reading about a sad but flirty 45 year old man who is enchanted by the brief memory of a lonely man waiting for him on the beach? do you like time shenanigans? just read it already its very pretty

the bedlam stacksnatasha pulley

an aching, slow-paced and complicated romance. if youre straight you could miss the fact that it was romance because the rituals are that intricate. takes place in the same universe as the watchmaker of filigree street, and mori has a cameo, but can be read on its own. bittersweet. really makes me feel like laying face-down in the woods

the house in the cerulean seat.j. klune

low fantasy set in england, follows a caseworker that inspects orphanages for supernatural children. this book slapped my ass right off. the beginning is slow, but you get rewarded with a story about found family, belonging, self-actualization, & compassion. the book grows and brightens with the protagonist. dont you wish you were here?